*** Leilani ***

contact me is easy...
please read my terms first:

  • have a hotel with permanent reception so I can verify you are a truly contact
  • when I cannot call back, there's no reception, gas tax is required by paypal
  • why these terms? there are many evil romanians calling, speaking English,using foreign numbers and actually not being at the address , never been...distances are huge, I cover 300km sometimes, and minim 30km so gas is REQUIRED at least
  • what can I do if you lie..I address POLICE or higher, so do not even think of cheating me with gas tax we agreed upon on handy, even when I can call back
  • all the rest is up to your education, which means your English/German must be fluent!
  • Please be aware of our legal system when you call me and do not address offensive or ask illegal questions
  • I am here because I love changing guys, but its up to me (or to you if you are very approaching) what I offer in the agreed time - payment is for time sharing only

+4 0725 648 890

calls/rings between 9PM-5AM appointments in the same period please - do not text message; use email for this

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